Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

Helping Grandparents brings grandparents out of the woodwork and they are eager to help each other because they are all in the same boat: they are raising their grandchildren. 

So many of our stories are tragic. Our children are addicted to drugs, or have passed away, or are incarcerated. We have had to take our grandchildren away from our own children. We have had to face our children in court to fight for our grandkids. Nothing about this is fair. 

What if you add to that, you are now financially responsible for your grandchildren, very rarely are you going to receive any child support or help from a state entity. Recently a grandmother came to me, desperate for assistance. She had gotten custody of her two granddaughters because her daughter is addicted to meth. This hero is now facing the fight of her life, because she had to leave her husband, and is trying to provide for her grandchildren with no income now. She like single mothers is doing everything in her power but feels like she is getting nowhere. She is a single grandma, which just adds a whole other level of hardness. 

I am here trying to get my non-profit off of the ground so that I can help grandparents, just like the one I mentioned. Attorneys are expensive, children are expensive, life is expensive, and grandparents need help. Maybe they can’t work, maybe they are on a fixed income, but they want to help. Grandparents hold a special love for their grandchildren, and the thought of them suffering is more than most grandparents can handle. 

Who is there to help those grandparents who are making these sacrifices every day?

What Grandparents Are Experiencing While Raising Their Grandchildren-You would be Shocked!
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