The challenges of raising your grandchild while aging

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Let’s be honest aging sucks. You can’t stay focused, you don’t sleep worth a shit anymore, and you can’t remember one thing from the next. Enter grandchild, who throws you off your game every five seconds, with her why questions, and her “I have to go potty”, and NO!’s. 

About 50 times a day these little interferences make me forget what I was doing, where I am supposed to be heading and it takes some time to get back on track, just for you to lose track again with the next interference. 

There is a reason, that people who are aging should only visit with their grandchildren, and not raise them. 

Here is a good example for you, my granddaughter wants to play with legos on the floor, seems simple enough, right? Nope, not so much, it’s going to take me five minutes to get up from that floor and parts of me will have fallen asleep being on the floor for that long. What about in the event of an emergency? Who the hell is my old ass going to be able to save? I’ll have to recruit someone and lose time!!!!

Now my grandchild is starting school. How do I fit in with all of these young, hip, do-gooding moms? I don’t, because I simply want to tell them not to take it all so seriously. Part of aging is, you simply don’t care what other people think because you are mastering being comfortable in your own skin. 

I am a grumpy aging lady and I accept that. But what if my aging is actually a benefit to my grandchild? I look at her and my heart melts, and I love her like no other person on this planet. I want to fight for her, and give her every opportunity that she has missed out on because my daughter can’t seem to get her life together (yet, hopefully). 

Aging sucks, but being around her makes me not focus on my aging so much. I don’t want to disappoint her, she makes me feel younger. My aching knees hate when I have to run after her biking, but I just got the exercise that I would have avoided otherwise, right?

Maybe there is something to be said about the whole glass half empty vs. half full thing? Without my grandchild, I would definitely be more focused on my daughter and her hardships, probably enabling her bad behaviors. With my grandchild, I focus on this little being that is part of me, who looks at the world in wonder and looks to me to show her the way of navigating it. 

Grandparents and grandchildren gravitate to each other, there is a love there that can’t be explained. I don’t think we are intended to raise our grandchildren, but when you don’t have a choice, I don’t think it is the end of the world. I just hope my grouchiness doesn’t rub off on her. 

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