How to advocate on your own behalf and your grandchild’s

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A lot of things come into play with grandparents and the relationship they have with their grandchildren. Parents become estranged from their children, and their grandchildren suffer the consequences.

Many grandparents find themselves either stepping into to raise their grandchildren or being eliminated from their lives entirely. Grandparents play an intricate role in children’s lives, and it is a position in the family that should be honored. The grandparent/grandchild relationship is great for both parties, and visitation is a must.

Many grandparents don’t know that they have the right to see their grandchild no matter what the situation is with their children. A great resource for knowing your rights is

What if you aren’t able to raise your grandkids, but you don’t want to see them in foster care? Even if your grandchild does end up in foster care, grandparents STILL have the right to see them. However, if you can’t raise your grandchild, there are options.

If you, as a grandparent, have guardianship over your grandchild,, you can start the process to adopt them yourself or find a different family to adopt your grandchild. Open adoption can be a great way to preserve your relationship with your grandchild and give them suitable new parents. See

There are attorneys and adoption agencies that can help you see through the entire process of advocating for your grandchild and finding them new parents.

Grandparent Rights

Little Angel Adoptions

Family Connections Christian Adoption

Adoption Attorney Jim Handy

No grandparent ever wants to be put in this difficult situation, but sometimes our grandchildren face troubled lives due to their parent’s choices, and maybe as a grandparent, you can help.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation, there is help, a lot of the resources I provided above will help helpful, and there are support groups. If you would like to join a virtual support group, email

Grandparents Have Rights!
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