Book Cover for Superhero “V” And Her Grand-Family

When you are raising your grandchildren, and you go to read them a book, there are a lot of stories with Mommies and Daddies in them. This in and of itself isn’t a problem, unless you are a child who doesn’t really have a mommy and daddy that is active in your life. Books are very important for children, but when they see only traditional families in a book it only re-inforces what they don’t have. 

For my granddaughter, I wanted her to see our family in a book, a Grand-Family. I wanted my granddaughter to see her story, and learn about all families. 

Illustrations by Anna Pacino my niece

Children that are being raised by grandparents, don’t need to be reminded of their loss regularly. Children need to see that they are not alone, there are other families just like theirs. 

In my book Superhero “V” And Her Grand-Family, my granddaughter is the hero of the story. This is my granddaughter’s story, and it shares how we became a Grand-Family. Helping Grandparents network with grandparents around the world that are raising their grandchildren, and I am hopeful that this will be a help to the children that they are raising. 

Embrace all families

There are many families, biological parents, adoptive parents, same-sex parents, single parents, step-parent, inter-racial parents, childless parents, and grandparents. Let’s expose our children to all of the families, let’s show them their family in the books that they read. 

Children Need To See Themselves In Books:
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