Grandparents are raising grandchildren and it’s scary, they need your help

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Photo by Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash

We have raised our children, we are supposed to be relishing in our empty nest, but we aren’t. Getting back into the Mommy/Daddy game is intimidating even though we have a ton of experience. We are simply older than most of the moms and dads our grandchild’s age; in fact your young enough to be our child.

Most of us grandparents have baggage that you probably can’t understand. We are worrying about our adult child whose not actively in the picture, as well as trying to make sure we raise our grandchild right. Child-rearing is very different this time around, technology is different, and there is a whole new list of political correctness, and we are trying to catch up. We could use support from other moms and dads out there, without judgment.

Here is why we are cool and worth getting to know: We have passed the point of caring what other people think a long time ago. You can share anything and we don’t judge, we offer support. We are trying to strike that balance of maintaining our independence and raising our grandchild. We don’t care what you are wearing, or what naughty thing your child did, in fact, we like a little naughty, we like human error, we embrace it. We also don’t care if you are late or thrown together, we simply don’t care. We won’t judge if you want to have a glass of wine while your child plays, because we will usually be supplying the drinks. We understand life is hard, and we also understand a drink can help.

If you go to a school function or a park and you see us, PLEASE acknowledge us, we aren’t comfortable, and kindness goes a long way. Our grandkids are our life and we want them to be accepted, we want our grand-family to be accepted too, and we need you.

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