The Importance of the Biological Family With Adoption

Why A Connection To Your Child’s Birth Family Is Important

lisa hollidayAug 25 · 2 min read

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When a child is placed up for adoption, it affects the child and not only the birth parents of the child but the entire family. Ultimately it is the parent’s decision to give a child up for adoption, but many family members will have feelings about this decision as well.Why A Connection To Your Child’s Birth Family Is ImportantImagine that the most significant thing to ever happen to you, something that changed the trajectory of your life, and you had…

Sometimes adoption is a way to give a child parents again because their parents have stepped out of the picture, leaving grandparents to raise the child. The biological family does have a place within the conforms of adoption. The child needs to know the responsible parties of their biological family. It has been proven that adopted children need access to their biological family.

With children that were not adopted at birth, many already have formed a bond and connection with their biological family, and those relationships need to be maintained for the benefit of the child.

Adoptive families and birth families need to find a way to work together in unity and have a new definition of what family looks like. Many circumstances lead a family to look at adoption as an option. This decision, once made, should not reflect poorly on the family, making this choice but honored because they feel it is what is best for the child.

Continuing a relationship for the child and the biological family helps ease the internal struggles for both parties. The family is there to answer questions, and seeing the child flourish helps reassure the family that their choice was right.

When the adoptive family accepts the biological family, it shows the child that they fully take the child for who he or she is; It builds trust for everyone concerned.

As parents, it is our job to care and love our children unconditionally, and another level of that is embracing the biological family of your new son or daughter.

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The Importance of the Biological Family in Adoption
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