I Learn More From My Grandchild

lisa hollidayAug 25 · 2 min read

Then she will ever learn from me~

My granddaughter is the most resilient person I know. She is only three years old, and she is truly my hero.

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She hasn’t had it easy. She lost her parents at a young age because they chose drugs over her, and she then came to live with two older adults, her grandparents.

For some reason, through all of this, her heart remains open and big. She embraces life and is wise beyond her years.

My job as her grandparent is to advocate for her every day, and I take my responsibility very seriously. She is all that matters to me, her happiness.

What happens to us when we become grandparents? There is some shift, a paradigm that occurs. People told me when my daughter was pregnant that I would love being a grandparent. I felt that I was too young to be a grandparent and felt some resentment. The moment she was born, everything changed for me. She represented my life going on into another generation. She and I love each other unconditionally. I was extremely close to my grandmother (who was not biologically my grandparent), and I had the opportunity to experience that closeness from the other perspective now, as the grandparents vs. the grandchild.

She is magical to me. She looks at things through fresh eyes, and as a grandparent, you have seen so much and know a lot more that you did as a young parent. It is refreshing to see things through the eyes of a child.

She spots everything and touches everything, an insect, a lizard, a beautiful flower; she appreciates all things living. She thinks that everything I say is hilarious, and she is excellent for my ego.

Without her, I would not have the chance ever to understand why my grandma loved me so much. I get it now, boy, do I get it. There is truly nothing better than the love between a grandparent and a grandchild.

I Learn More From My Grandchild
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